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We're giving away thousands of GU! coins every week: Write Good Posts!

by Chao Lam - Dec 16, 2010 Star_s25,898 views

Update (4/9/12): We are experimenting with a new system to award good posts and comment much more sponteneously using our Fan page. Read more here!

We're very close to launching a new Gamers Unite! coins feature, and thought we'll give you a heads up and get your feedback before we launch it.

We're planning on giving away thousands of GU! coins every week!

Every week, we'll go through the most popular posts over the last two weeks. We'll handpick the top 5-10 posts and award posters with thousands of GU! coins. Popular posts are posts that have the highest page views and the most FB likes.

Picking our favorite posts is inherently subjective. But I also think most people will agree on what makes a quality post. Broadly speaking, we'll be basing our selection on our mission statement:

We are a community that helps each other advance in FB games. In Gamers Unite!, you can share tips and discuss latest features or news of your favorite games.

Rather than trying to articulate how we will choose the post, we thought the best way is to show you some example posts over the last two weeks we think are worthy of being picked (these are not winner but just examples):

One improvement I'll like to see from even these top posts would be better formatting (e.g. don't underline unless it's a link), so that it's more readable and enticing to users. A quick spell check also helps!

Once in a while, we notice a very useful reply, and we'll like to reward the replier. Here's an example where Don Harper made a useful reply:

Awarding repliers is trickier because we don't get to read every post and every reply. So if you think you've made an extra helpful reply, increase your chances by making that reply a separate post too!

We are aiming to launch this next Friday (nice Christmas present for some folks :), so start writing great posts now! As you know there are lots of good, useful posts on GU!, and I'm sure we are missing many. If you don't win the one week, please don't give up and write more good posts. Sooner or later, you'll be recognized!

What are other examples of good posts you've seen lately? Reply below, and we'll see if we can tweak our algorithm to include posts like them for future consideration.

If you like this new feature, please like this post and tell all your friends about it!

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this handy toobar can do evrything!!

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