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READ THIS - FrontierVille F.A.Q.

by Muhd Nazmi - Sep 27, 2010 Star_s20,697 views

I have read far too many similar posts regarding some players who were complaining about having trouble completing/doing certain quests in FTV..let me clear some of your doubt..

If you are having trouble loading the game, check out this post

1. Cultivator badge. you can only get this badge by harvesting crop on your OWN HOMESTEAD, not neighbors. yes, you can harvest it in your neighbor's farm and it would count, but its a glitch. they have yet to fix this..but one thing for sure, if you complete it by harvesting neighbors crops, it will reset back! meaning you will lost all your exp that you get by completing the badge..and REMEMBER, you need to harvest all the crops in the same day. otherwise, it will reset and you have to start over. if you're too lazy to plan and planting all the crops accordingly, my just plant all of them at once..from clover until cotton..that's 11 different crops, just enough to get you the badge (4th medal). by the time cotton is ripe, some of the crops already wither. no big deal, just use unwither crop boost and harvest all of them at once. its that simple.
2. Horse shoe pit. i have posted before regarding a bug in the horse pit. that bug make the "free throw" icon appear, but the reality is you still have to pay 1HS per throw. there's been some cases where player just visit the horse pit but didn't click on anything but still lost their HS. so beware. that thing is crazy. lolz. my advice, just avoid going there. its simply not worth it. If you're having trouble completing the horse pit eg: you already level up in the other game but did not receive the item, i suggest you to contact zynga. a lot of players solve this problem by telling them the issue and in some cases, zynga straight away gave all the items to complete the horse pit. ;)
3. No bonus drop when clicking the daily bonus on building. I have been wondering the same thing too before this, why the heck i did not get any bonuses when i collected the daily bonus on building. but the truth is, Zynga made a patch to the game. now, if you already have x10 each of item in your collection, the same item won't drop anymore. example : u have x10 saw dust in the sawmill collection, no matter how many sawmill u build or daily bonuses u collect, sawdust will not drop anymore as x10 is the new limit.. I also noticed that the more item u have in a collection, the harder it gets for the item to drop when collecting the daily bonus.
4. How do I post requests links?  First you have to publish the requested item (waiver, baby clothes, hangers etc...) to your wall, then
go to your own profile and find the post that you posted and right
click on the "send name item" and then click on copy link adress/copy link location (depending on browser, but it should say something like copy link), then paste the link in the appropriate thread.
5. No varmints issue. Many players posted regarding this issue. Are you really sure there's no varmints? Before you start venting, make sure you have checked your farm properly. chances are, the varmints exist and its hiding somewhere in your farm. There are a few things you can do to see if there is a varmint hiding:
- check behind buildings. 
- if you have the cannons click on it if you have the option to use it then there is one hiding.
- turn the volume up on your game when you load, you will hear varmint noise if there is one.
if you really think your farm is free from's some info on on how to lure them out. 
- groundhog. they love potatoes and peanut. harvesting those crops will surely force them out sooner or later.
- bear. comes out when you chop the tree. I noticed they're more likely to come out when chopping oak tree rather than pine..chopping larger tree will grant you more chances that they will appear. (chopping small tree won't lure them out, tree need to be at least chopable 5 times)
- snake. normally comes from rock/skull.
- fox. feeding your chickens and geese will lure them out.
6. Missing avatar (whole family), re-loading issue, keeps getting lost connection. All these are glitches. as we all know, FTV is a beta game. so there are lots of glitches. from my observation, the glitch I mentioned here normally happen when Zynga is about to introduce either new quest/item/features into the game.  I have experienced all of them, some of them got fixed by complaining to Zynga and some of them just went away a few days later. if you experience the glitches for several days, I suggest that you start bombarding Zynga with emails. (I sent them several email in a day till they finally fixed mine =p).  Other than having members input posting your issues here won't get it resolved by Zynga. (some players had reported, chatting with them give you a higher chances to get your problem fixed, so you should try it).
7. Why am I out of quests? What mission is next?  Unfortunately some of us are quicker than Zynga, so you may actually finish all available quests before new ones are released.  Have a look at the complete list of quests too see if you've done them all, if you feel you are still missing some please contact Zynga support.
8. Game is so slow/lagging/frequent disconnection. There are several possible causes for this. First of all, I have noticed that playing FTV using chrome give me a smoother gameplay as compared to using Firefox or IE. So I suggest you try using different browser just to test which one is more suitable because in my case it's Chrome. You also need to make sure that your flash player is up to date and clean your cache/cookies regularly.Apart from that, you can try lower down the game quality setting to improve the gameplay. I also noticed that going into full screen mode can make the game much slower as compared to using window mode. Other possible causes of lagging includes:
- too many animals or animated object at your homestead. take note that all the animals in this game are animated. so if you have too many (hundres to thousands) of them, it would definitely make the game lag. i know a lot of player use the chicken coop trick and buy a lot of chickens to level up faster. that's explain the part where eventhough you do not have so many animals at your farm, visiting neighbors like them can also crash the game and the old "darn lost internet connection" will happen. if you still insist on having many animals, you can try block them from loading to improve the gameplay. use the google search above to find the post on how to block them. ;)
- slow internet connection and ancient PC. also the main culprit that cause the lagging issue. if your connection is slow, don't complain if your game won't load or it took such a long time to load. old PC can also cause the same problem.
9. Toll booth mission repeating. Normally occur on part IV or V. After you finished doing part III, just delete all your paths. Then continue with part IV. I did it and it worked. No more repeating.
Email support:
Chatting support:
go to support and choose frontierville and click the chat button (please remember, the Live Support feature is not for 24 hours! Sometimes you can not see the screenshot below and see other images instead)

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夫昭 - May 22, 2011

i was just wondering if anyone knows how to fix my missions wont open up or my market cant hir anybody can someone please help me

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