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Top posters of the week ( May 20th) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - May 20, 2011 Star_s866 views

It's that time of the week again to announce the top posters of the week and we got lots of informative, funny, and exciting posts!

Belmin Hodzic - *** GAGA ALL QUESTS REVEALED ****

It's been a very exciting week on Farmville thanks to Lady Gaga! Everyday, you get new quests, new items and rewards so I'm sure many people were busy at their farms. To complete a quest everyday is tough, but Belmin listed all of them so you can prepare ahead of time. HIs GET SPECIAL GAGA ITEM ! post is a MUST READ too!

Tonya Jones Collins - Fort Courage Shower Goals - Lt. Flintlock and His Soldiers

Talking about missions, seems like Frontierville is also releasing new missions like crazy! Being efficient is important when you got so many quests, so this post will definitely help get you prepared. Thanks Tonya!

Teresa Donald - WARNING,!!!!! PLEASE READ ------------------------------...

How many times have you clicked something you weren't supposed to and got tricked by scams? Oh no, why did I click on it, I feel so stupid now! If you feel like this, definitly read this post by Teresa and the comments by other members, you will definitly have a good laugh!

Vanessa Galpin - "Baa Chicka Baa Baa BOOM!!" May 16-22 BREEDING INFORMATIO...

Vanessa keeps us updated with all the Baa Chicka Baa Baa Sheep Breeding every week with SO MUCH details! If you are into breeding sheeps, you'll definitely enjoy reading this post!

Pip Holloway - Helicopter surveying beach area???

Did anybody else spot this in Cityville? Could it be like an expansion across the river coming? Maybe with a bridge? Join the discussion and get hyped up! :D

As always, we would also like to award members who provided great answers to popular questions.

One of the most popular questions on Mafia Wars this week was about the Rapheal Boss Combos! Wanda Otilia listed all the combos with the attack points. Try it out and see if it works for you too!

There are many times when you are playing a game and just can't find that item you need for the quest. One example is the Pavillion in Gardens of Times. I also had trouble finding this and clicked  "Artifacts", "Buildings" and "Decoration"  back and forth. I guess I was not alone! How do I get a pavillion??? was one of the most popular questions in Garden of Times this week and Kaylene Tovar-Johnson had the answer!

Another item that people couldn't find in the last 2 weeks was the Mariachi band in Cityville. Tammy Simmers had the answer to this. This week it seems like people are having trouble finding the Frog pond!

Thanks again for all these great posts and comments! You all won 200 GU! coins :)

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Clinton Stothard - May 26, 2011

@Vanessa Im just at that stage of boredom where i need some time to myself and not with 1024x768 pixels lol. Will be back for June.

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