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1-Click-Gifts issue fixed! May 25 2011 (make sure you have version 0.88)

by Chao Lam - May 25, 2011 Star_s11,171 views

Thanks to two very helpful members who responded to my call for screen sharing help, we've figured out the 1-click-gifts problem that has been plaguing some users for a couple of weeks.

It turns out that Facebook has been testing a subtle new version of Games Request page. They added their own "ignore all" link which our code was not expecting.

My games request page looks like below, but for users encountering the 1-click-gifts problem, they had an "ignore all" link in the empty white space circled in pink below:

ignore all?

We've fixed the problem. Make sure you have the latest version of 1-Click-Gifts which is 0.88:

Make sure you have 0.88 version #

If you do not have 0.88, please reload the games request page or try reloading this page:

and then going back to the Games Request page.

Thanks again to Patricia and Gretchen for helping out; I'm glad we got this figured out... it was really bugging me.

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Amy Crowder - May 26, 2011

how do u find out if u have the.88 version

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