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black stallion and foals - oos - black horses and black foals

by Louis Gregory - Jun 19, 2010 Star_s1,422 views

Doing my stable, upon putting in the black stallion and click to tend stable i got out of sync and when the game refreshed all black stallions and foals had turned into normal black horses and foals, my cousin's have all turned and i want to know who else this is happening to.

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Terri Kaduck - Jun 19, 2010

I think that the out of sync thing is fv way of trying to fix it's screwups. I have 7 dairy farms now. But every time I go into the market it tells me I can buy another one for 10,000 coins so I do. As soon as I click it into place, BOOM, my game goes out of sync. I did this 4 times in a row just to prove it wasn't a fluke of some kind. Every time game went out of sync. So I think is fvs way of trying to fix what never should of been in the first place. I know it doesn't help, but I think it's the answer.

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