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Hankerin for Fanny Missions - Hitching Rail and Wedding Wagon!

by Tonya Collins - Jun 01, 2011 Star_s16,733 views

There is a new 7 part missions series getting ready to roll out and it looks like we may have a Frontierville Wedding!


Love is in the air on the Frontier, and Hank needs your help to propose! First you will need to place a Hitching Rail after which Hank will come out and ask you for your help. Then you have to wait on that wedding wagon to roll into to town!  Keep in mind this is only the proposal! Who knows what will happen?
The hitching rail will stick around for awhile and their will be more special wagons in the future, which means more special events to come!

**TIP: Do not click on propose in the wagon until part 7, or you will not be able to complete part  6 or 7 of the missions!!

Hankerin for Fanny Missions

1. Make Fanny's School house rock
Summon wedding wagon (click on hitching rail menu to summon the wedding wagon)
Harvest 15 apple trees on your homestead
collect one school house bonus

rewards: 500 xp, 5 chalk, Vase

2. Hank's special sauce
harvest 60 tomatoes on your homestead
have or collect 8 mushrooms
craft one floral arrangement (can be crafted in the wedding wagon)

reward: 500 xp, 500 coins, 5 red rose ready boosts

3. Hank & Fanny's magic Carpet Ride
Clobber 5 snakes
have four pear cider
have 10 saddle oil (ask for)

rewards: 500 xp, 2 wither protection boosts, 1 ring band

4. Steppin up to the plate
collect 50 additional reputation OR 4 rose petals (mine initially said 50 rep, but once I completed it I had to collect rose petals)

craft one engagement ring (can be crafted in the wedding wagon)
collect two wedding wagon daily bonuses

rewards: 750 xp, 750 coins, fast hands boost

5. Cleanin up before the big event
Have or collect 10 smoochin mints (ask for)
sell 20 adult pigs
harvest 10 peppermint

rewards:750 xp, 5 pig ready boosts, Armadilla shoes

6. Almost on one knee
craft a suit suitable for a suitor (craft inside wedding wagon)
have or collect 10 boxes of sweets (ask for)
harvest 100 red roses

rewards: 750 xp, 750 coins, 10 cloth

7. Poppin the question
propose to Fanny (click propose in wedding wagon)
talk to Hank to congratulate him

rewards: 1000 xp, 1000 coins , red rose arbor







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Jean A O'Neil - Jun 09, 2011

The Hitchin' Rail is not in my market anywhere. I have an e-mail into customer service about this issue. I will post when I find out what they say.

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