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Attn: Gamers Unite!! Please add a Yoville Snag Bar!!

by Lori Lasher - Jun 19, 2010 Star_s659 views

Due to having neighbors with max neighbors allotted for Farmville, & most of those neighbors having 'Farmville Vultures' (definition of a 'Farmville Vulture'- a person who sits on FB all day long 24/7, 7/54, 365 days a year & constantly hits 'refresh' in order to get every single good posting [rares, foals, calves, special items, etc] that their FV neighbor posts, causing the item posted to be gone in under 5 seconds. Farmville Vultures more than likely have multiples of the item and more than enough but they still take every single 'good' item so that other neighbors -who haven't been able to collect one of any of these items- cannot get the item) the Snag Bar has been SO helpful in making FV more fair and fun for me. Even though the vultures swarm, with the Snag Bar I am able to sometimes get an item quickly enough- when otherwise a busy world/life would have permitted me to do otherwise.

SO, I have thought that (being as much of a Yoville fan/player [been playing Yoville since Fall '08] and dealing with some Vultures that lurk on my neighbors/crew members postings as well, that a Yoville Snag Bar is a must-have. Also, I have noticed that postings for items on Yoville seem to expire rather quickly, or at least faster than Farmville postings for items. I may be just imagining this, but it seems that if I do not collect an item posted within 6-7 hours & even if noone else claimed the item that I will not be able to collect it because it expired. A Snag Bar for Yoville would help eliminate that issue and gather all postings that I miss as well as make Yoville more fair and fun as well. Just because I do not sit on FB all day clicking posts and have to work and have a life outside of FB and therefore do not have the luxury to sit on FB all day, clicking posts for app/game items, does NOT mean that I have to miss out on the items that people who do not work &/or have a life and can sit on FB all day can get. Snag bar is merely a useful tool that makes games/apps fair for EVERYONE and people who say this is cheating are the same people who are sitting on FB all day being game/app vultures & want to keep the harder to get items more exclusive to them only. So DO NOT sit here and post about how 'a snag bar for Yoville would be a cheat' like some morons like to say about the current Farmville snag bar. You are irrelevant and I will prove all the reasons so in an upcoming posting on my thoughts about those who claim snag bar is a cheat.

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Cyndie M Gantner - Jun 24, 2010

Hell yeah, get all the Ville games a Snag Bar, again Hell Yeah...

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