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does Snag Bar works with Daily Barn or Chicken Coop raising?

by Marina Tnt - Jul 15, 2011 Star_s53 views

Hello everyone, I am very happy to use my Snag Bar, I reallly love you GU Team! , I just have that question:
I have 25 at least friends wich also use the snag bar daily.. Tried 5 times to extend my Diary Barn or/and Chicken coop..but nothing.
SO , WHEN MY FRIENDS RUN THE SNAG BAR, DID THEY OFFER ME THE CLICKs i NEED? I also have seen that when my snag bar runs with the "Autolike" option on, it "like" in my friends request, but do I really help them? Or should I check 79 neighboors walls one by one to help them?
Thank you again for the Snag Bar..and maybe you could make it like an + option @ toolbar preferences ?
Have a wonderful weekend.

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the snag bar won't work for the barn raising, it has to be done manually.

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