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Energy disappears from inventory?

by Friea Ev - Apr 01, 2011 Star_s170 views

I'm new to cityville, so please excuse me if this is a newb question:
I stored some energy in my inventory for future use.. yesterday. I log on today, and it's gone! Is this normal? why did this happen? has it happened to you? My little bit of digging has discovered that there's a cap to how much energy you can store in your inventory, but I was nowhere near this cap. Does the energy stored in inventory expire?

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Josiane Moraski - Aug 10, 2011

ã VARIAS semanas fiz uma reclamacao sobre minhas energias estarem desaparecendo. pedi retorno , mas nada aconteceu. quero uma resposta para o problema uma vez que li que outras pessoas estao tendo o mesmo problema.

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