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does 1-click gifts really work?

by Amit Thakkar - Aug 07, 2011 Star_s122 views

If i accept my gifts using 1 click gift.. they do show as successful.
And when i startup the cityville app they appear back again . and i can accept that gift again.
Does that mean we are able to accept it twice? .. or is the 1click gift not working?

On the other hand if i manually accept the gift from the gift page.. it behaves as expected and shows that its been already claimed at the cvapp.

Replies (2)

Tim Barger - Aug 18, 2011

This is a glitch with zygna games. I always use the cityviile accept gifts menu first. Then before I log out I use the 1 click gifts. You get the gifts either way, but the old way is still faster than 1 click gifts.

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