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T__T send me a gft plssss i need pot bucks.., i dont know how to have pot bucks

by Ryann Alcantara - Aug 02, 2010 Star_s1,360 views


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Pat Turner - Sep 10, 2011

there are several ways to get pot bucks

click on the links from other players that post on your wall who have any of the following pictures on their post for you to get mystery seeds; pizza flower, candy hearts, cookie bush, cheetos , donut tree, cabbage pie or bacon tree. Once you get them in your gift box, plant them...when they are harvested they are each worth pot bucks....
There are also free ways to get pot bucks if you click on the upper part of the game screen where it says pot bucks...where you go to buy them...it also has ways to do it for free...surveys, sometimes just clicking on different articles and such will get you free bucks!
Good luck and Happy Playing!!

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