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Farmville Lighthouse Cove : Information about Animals , Buildings And trees , Craftshop And travelling to Cove

by Albar Wahab - Sep 11, 2011 Star_s5,912 views

Travelling to Lighthouse Cove will be same as when we travelled to English country side . To get there we will Require 45 fvc or there is another option that we can travell there in 4 days or ask 35 friends to get their instantly , This Image belongs to Farmville Master

Lighthouse Cove loading screen , 6 September
Wow! We can understand while looking at this picture that Lighthouse Cove will have some new cool crops , animals and trees .

So these are the following items that are going to be present on the lighthouse cove :
FarmVille Quarter Pony And Quarter Pony foal ( Unreleased / Confirmed) . You can find these near the Sea
Building for Making recipies Lighthouse Cove restaurant Like the Pub on our english countryside and Bakery on our home farm but with new recipies which farmville page confirmed
"Harvest your new crops and collect new bushels because Lighthouse
Cove has all new recipes. Craft and master new recipes like Farm House
Cheddar Cheese and Clam Chowder in your very own restaurant "


Farmville Fan page confirmed some unreleased crops for the Lighthouse cove , Below are the name of the crops.
Names of the crops :
American Cranberry
Chandler Blueberry
Darrow Blackberry
Butter and Sugar Corn
Kennebec Potatoes
And this is their Master sign

Farmville Fan page uploaded a new image with crops Like Chandler blueberry And Lady Slipper Grown on the Lighthouse cove

Look at that awesome sheep and rooster , Hope they release the lighthouse cove soon !
Lighthouse Cove will Also Contain the Old Treasure Seagull which was availible as a gift for a limited time .

This is some info about the Treasure Seagull
Goods : Collect Treasure / Feather
Harvest fo r : 8 Coins
Harvest in :1 Day
Sell fo r : 20 Coins
Source : Gifting
Size : 1 square
Profit per square : 0.33 coins/hour

As We Can see that Some Old trees Are also present in that image

*Auntum Glinko Tree
*Lime tree

Below is the message that we Get in our email when we will travel to the lighthouse cove.

And this is the Messagewe got before we will travel to the Lighthouse Cove

Thats All Farmers , Keep on Looking back for more news!
Some Old info about the cove  : Click here to go there

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