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Free boat to Lighthouse Cove on Sept. 19th!!!

by Michał Hapka - Sep 12, 2011 Star_s541 views

Farmville Feed have reported that all should be able to access the cove on 9/19. So all the rumors that third farm is cash only proved false (Which was to be expected). But as it still is unreleased content the date can change.

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Michał Hapka - Sep 12, 2011

@Rae I believe contest winers will get what every other player will get after paying 45 cash. And it should be realesed tommorow unless they change it last moment. If it is released 13th and free boat is 19th it is almost a week... But It also may be that we all get it at 19th and the both will sail through mighty stroms for 2 weeks lol... we will see ;)

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