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tips and tricks I have learned I am on level 70 how to make 17 million coins by deleting inventory items

by Chris Valente - Sep 16, 2011 Star_s4,442 views

I am an admin on a Cityville help page and here are some things I have shared. You can make lots and lots of coins by just deleting whats in your inventory, or by visiting your neighbors hotels. When you visit your neighbors check into their hotels and request VIP by doing this you can win many valuable items such as in both hotels the SPA, MUD BATH, and ARCADE. example: the SPA is worth 100,000 coins Un-built and 5,000 coins built, in the sail boat hotel in addition to these you can also win a GLASS BLOWING SHOP worth 400,000 coins and WATER SIDE SUITES worth 500,000 coins or 750 population. The most important thing to know is not NOT to build these if you plan on selling them. Example: if you won a SPA take it out of your inventory and place it into your city then DELETE it UN-built. then you will get 100,000 coins but if you build it then delete it you will only get 5,000 coins. with the YENTI bandit you get an igloo worth 1.25 million coins and the SILENT BOB bandit gives you a blue MIME house worth 900,000 coins. Also in your inventory you have other items that are worth coins such as things for the zoo or the yoga class, etc so it is very important NOT to click on the red X in the inventory if you want to get rid of an item first make sure it is not worth any coins before doing so by placing it into your city then deleting it. I have a neighbor who did this and has 17 million coins. Don't forget to go into your hotels and make your neighbors VIP so they will do the same for you. Also one last tip..... I buy and build large population homes for when I expand but when I am done expanding I put them into my storage so that way I have the homes I want to see in my city and my city isn't crowded but when I want to expand all I have to do is empty my inventory into my city and maybe purchase another home for population but when I am done I put them right back into storage.

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Virginia Morrison Keim - Sep 18, 2011

I have 5 igloos in my inventory and when I went to delete one after putting it in my city, it was worth 0 coins. ???????????

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