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Capital One Promo Bandstand and Missions

by Tonya Collins - Sep 20, 2011 Star_s558 views

There's a new promo coming to Frontierville from Capital One! We will be able to build the Capital One bandstand on our homestead for a good ol' fashioned concert! Along with the building we will be completing  new missions to unlock new bandmembers that we can place around our homestead. After you place the bandstand on your homestead you will need to click "upgrade".



 Sterling the Bloodhound

 Collect one Bandstand

upgrade part

Visit the Capital One Facebook page

Craft Sterlings Guitar

rewards 250xp, coins, Sterling the bloddhound

Toonie The Bear

 chop neighbors trees 10 times

feed 30 goats

craft Toonies Upright Bass, 

rewards 500 xp, 500 coins, Toonie the Bear

Penny the Bullfrogfeed

30 geese

have 3 termites

craft Penny's Banjo

rewards: 750 xp, Penny and goat, 5 groupies

Entertainment, not Food

 collect from the upgraded Bandstand once

collect 10 wild berries

harvest 50 corn (some sources are saying 100, could vary by level?)

rewards 1000 xp, 1000 coins, Rockin' Horse

Request Links:




rock maple




Crafting Items *TIP: Alot of the crafting items can be received from doing random chores around your homestead. It seems to vary depending on which mission you are on.2


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Tonya Collins - Sep 20, 2011

You know Zynga is going to cash in any way they can!

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