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Empires & Allies Cheat: Get thousands of coins or any item you need!!!

by Elian Roque - Jun 08, 2011 Star_s218,200 views

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What you have to do is click on any image for the item you want and open the link in several different tabs (I do not recommend opening more than 10 because the browser will slow down), wait for the page to fully load and choose all of your friends in each of the tabs. Then send the "Help" requests and you have to wait for them to accept.
After a while (depending on whether your friends help you or not) you

will find the items in your inventory.
+1 EnergyLiberty BondCoinsWoodOilCopperAluminiumGoldIronUranium
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Billy Reynolds - Sep 26, 2011

How can we get Empire points after spending the first 15? ...without subscribing to anything!

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