Zombie Lane

Kill Zombies. Smack them with a shovel or shoot them with a shotgun. Regain control on your neighborhood.


Easy beginner play

by James Patrick - Sep 22, 2011 Star_s220 views

I know some people know this probably already, but for those who are just starting out.
Ok, if you are having problems clearing an area because everytime you get started, zombies attack, and you want to save energy. Then this is the way to do it.
Hopefully by this point you have already seen how to move stuff around, such as fences. Well there is A LOT of fence sitting around that isnt protecting your house. Use it to zone off an area you want to work in. If you get a few zombies in there, that is fine. Once you have the area blocked off, kill the zombies. Now, you have a Clear area to work in without the zombies getting in your way. When that area is clear, just move the fence again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Now something else I learned, and I havent been playing that long, is once you have areas clear. Then you want to beef up your Yards Fence, then just drop the extra fence right next to the fence you want to protect. Now you have a double fence and if the zombies knock down one, you have plenty of time to run over, kill the zombie and drop in a new fence.