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Snag Bar for The Sims Social to help your friends! Should we also not call it a Snag Bar anymore?

by Amy Wong - Oct 12, 2011 Star_s8,463 views

We just added The Sims Social to the Snag Bar! Woo Hoo! You can start helping your friends right now by going to the toolbar preferences and ticking "The Sims Social" if you already have the Snag Bar. If you don't have the Snag Bar, you can download it here. We are currently working on adding Adventure World right now and should be released soon too!

Anyway, anybody noticed we said "you can start helping your friends" rather than "you can start snagging"? We've been noticing a change in how posts are shared significantly since we first released the Snag Bar in February 2010. At that time, we only collected bonuses from Farmville.  The name "Snag" definitely sounded right, because most of the posts friends shared on Farmville was (and still is) like this:

Amy is sharing xxx, get one before it runs out!

Sort of reminds you of a clearance sale where all the people are pushing and shoving to get their prizes, it's every man for himself/herself - snag it before the others! 

Lately, more and more games use the post sharing to ask for friends' help rather than giving out prizes:

Please help!
All I ask for is Hope! You just need to click below, I'll get what I need and you'll get a reward, it's win win!

On Facebook, game posts are harder to see now, it gets buried somewhere and it's easy to miss your friends' help requests too. Having a Snag Bar actually means you are helping your friends faster. You want your friends to have the Snag Bar so they can help you faster too. It's literally a win-win situation like the image above says.

We know many people did not like the Snag Bar because they perhaps felt a little guilty or ashamed of using it when the motive was more for selfish reasons (I want to get the prize faster than anybody else). But with the new game system, this should no longer apply because did I already say that you are actually helping each other more with the Snag Bar? :D

So, we are starting to think maybe the word "Snag" doesn't really sound right anymore. We were thinking of maybe even renaming the "Snag Bar" to something else if it makes some people comfortable about using it.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave comments below! :)

We also have a new advertisement for the Snag Bar emphasizing this concept and we would love to hear your feedback!

Would it make some people feel comfortable about the Snag Bar? Would it not make any difference? We'd love to hear from you!

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Alena Buhler - Oct 13, 2011

I like Help Bar, GU bar, Unite bar, and Gaming bar the most since you are helping friends and not really 'snagging'. Also, could we perhaps have the setting for liking a friend's post automatically on? I do this anyway when I'm collecting things from other people on games that aren't available on GU yet. It tells your friends that you're helping and encourages people to play more instead of them not seeing anything on their posts and getting frustrated thinking that no one is helping them.

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