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How to earn woo goo at some acceptable rate?

by Bubba O'Neil - Oct 15, 2011 Star_s25,409 views

So I'm up to level 47 now in monster world and that was only possible by discovering some cheats like being able to send stuff repeatedly. I've sent myself over 2000 woogoo and probably as many other gifts to sell in the shop for cash. I've sent myself all of the required items to build everything the baby has asked for, have all 4 machines built (harvester, cactus toss, woogoo windmill & woogoo plant), and have 3 factorys built (candy, drinks, and the next one).

Basically, if I hadnt discovered the cheats I'd still be around level 22-25 and too broke to purchase either the garden plot upgrades, or the decorations required for the happiness. And if by chance I managed, I couldnt afford the required garden size upgrade to stuff all the decorations into, because the more expensive the item, the less efficient the happiness points transfer.

Yet here I am at 47 and all the quests are insane, requiring 12 of this drink & 18 of this candy so like 60+ woogoo per quest. Theres no freaking way. I might get 1 woogoo after completely harvesting my 78 plots full of unicorn or dwarves.

The woogoo windmill is an absolute joke, it takes like 40 magic lamp bushes to power it up enough to give you 3 woogoo spaced over 12 hours.

The woogoo factory is another joke, providing 1 woogoo per day. If you collect on it early, it breaks every time and you need 2 pipes and 3 gears or whatever to fix it again.

Trying legit to harvest up some items, I once counted 640 harvested plants before it produced the crooked stick. Totally not feasable. Again, if it wasnt for the cheat I discovered I'd be nowhere.

So the big question is:

How the heck are you guys generating woogoo? I dont seem to be able to comprehend a legitimate way, and I'm growing tired of cheating just to do anything. I've seen the exchange stuff, spam clicking links - but thats more annoying than my own cheat.

Some complaints in general-

The cactus toss is outrageous. 3 woogoo per throw, and the odds are worse than a vegas coin slot machine. I dont know how many times I threw "bad toss" 5 times in a row only to be immediately followed by a miss! Yet this seems the only legit in-game means to both a) earn money and b) earn happiness items that are large in value yet have a small footprint. I estimate I've spent 1200-1500 woogoo at the cactus toss and for my efforts I've gotten 100k coins once, 600 happiness mansions twice, and a metric ton of trees, shrubs and other worthless garbage. If I were earning woogoo legitimately this would be the hugest ripoff of them all. One of the times I got the mansion with 100k coins took 42 tosses i.e. 136 woogoo.

Often times I'll know it will be nearly 24hrs until i log in again so I'll give my helper 24hrs worth of food. When i do log back in, I'll have found my helper ate 4-6 plants...yet theres 6 hours of time still remaining on the food! What the heck!!! So then i'll load up another account, visit my farm and use magic to revive 5 plants. Log out, log back in to the main account and guess what? None of the plants are actually revived. I'm forced to post on my page asking for help, or re-plow them up.

So again - how do you guys amass the amount of woogoo required to do quests towards the higher levels?

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Bubba O'Neil - Oct 19, 2011

So here I am 5 days later and with another 10 levels. I'm up to 94 plots on a 22x22 footprint. I suppose I thought maybe once you hit level 50 something magical happens and all of a sudden the game actually becomes playable without spending facebook know; maybe you start geting plants that mature in 1 hour that sell for a nice profit like 45 coins or someting...or maybe you start being able to send friends a package of 10x woogoo instead of the single.


It continues to get worse lol @ us. Now I'm looking at plants that take 70 hours to grow and deliver 1/264th the profit per time as the plants we got at level 1.

Plants dont grow any faster.
Woogoo doesnt come any faster.
Items needed to build the toy factory doesnt come any faster.
The cactus throw game doesnt get any better after you've spent 5k woogoo on it; it still is a huge ripoff.
You cant send friends gifts any more frequently.
You still only collect 50 coins by visiting your friends gardens.
You still get a lol whopping 5 experience sometimes when you harvest.
Your woogoo factory still produces a staggering one woogoo every 24 hours; where will I put it all?
The harvester never volunteers to harvest your crops for free.

...and the baby still wanders around wherever your cursor is, trying to get you to spend facebook credits so you can get your daily 50 coin reward early.

I'm absolutely amazed by two things:
1) that this game is so horrible
2) that I've wasted more time cheating & hacking on it just to see if it actually gets better.

I will say one thing does improve: the quest rewards. You can score 5k or 23k coins sometimes on the long as you dont mind exhausing 300 woogoo to roberta and planting 1400 hours worth of plants least the cactus toss gives me magic wands for this.

Anybody wanting to know my cheat tricks just friend me.

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