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One Click Gifts "Accept All" Missing

by Tonya Collins - Sep 27, 2011 Star_s20,433 views

If you are having problems with your "accept all " button missing with one click gifts, it could be due to secure browsing being enabled, which is not compatible with one click. A lot of users were prompted to enable secure browsing with the recent Facebook updates.  To disable secure browsing go to your Facebook settings, click on account. To the left click on security. To the right the first option should be secure browsing. Click the edit button and uncheck the box and save.

There are also complaints about gifts redirecting into the game when using one click. This is also happening when accepting gifts manually and is a Zyng releated issue. 

If you are experiencing problems with the message center or collecting gifts from the gift page check the forum Here for information on how to report it.  

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Carla Cee Daniels - Oct 21, 2011

I tried everything and this day 2 still can not collect one click gifts.

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