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Cityville Loading Problems

by Vicki VanHorn - Dec 15, 2010 Star_s13,866 views

Everyone who is unable to load Cityville , I encourage you to go to support and speak up !!! it has been 2 days and I have been on live chat with then and they have no idea how to fix this issue !!!! if you all do not contact support ??? nothing will be done about it. They do not know you cannot get into your game UNLESS YOU TELL THEM !!!!

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Theresa Lerza-Keubler - Oct 22, 2011

still only loading 94% this is getting on my nerves I already called my friend VIA TELEPHONE and told them why I have not been playing all wk. fix this problem or you will have other people not playing, Don't you have a team that monitors this. Very disappointing, I am putting this on my Home page so everybody can see it, I want this wixed it is saturday and I just had surgery, annoyed

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