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POWERFUL energy trick! !

by James Curtis - Oct 24, 2011 Star_s2,566 views

I know most of you are tired of running out of energy sooo here is the plan

1. open two tabs

2. tab one=your email inbox

3.tab 2= Ravenskye city game

4.when your game opens, slide your screen down below the game window, look for "Get free energy potion" click that (they send to your email) close this tab out

5.click "claim your potion" in email then goto step 4... peat and repeat as looong as you wish

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James Curtis - Oct 24, 2011

OK, It works 10 times in a row which is 30 energy (they send three at a time) FAIL after 10. no prob though I will be on the lookout for request

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