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items on farm disapearing,and didnt reieve pumkin horse for haioween quest 9, cant get customer supporrt!!!!

by Angela M. Marquardt - Oct 26, 2011 Star_s47 views

so my husnand I have been putting money on farmville,sine first off, its sometimes impossible to even complete when I put money on for farmcash I expect items I earned,call me crazy right? for the Hallowen Jack o lantern quests i got the candleabra for quest 4, and now its gone. I finished quest 8, and never recieved the pumpkin horse ,worst of all, after 40.00 this week for nothing, i cant even recieve help or customer support! UGH! anyone else have problems not getting things,and/or the help/customer support not accesible? thanks.....ive even been searching everywhere,links,threads ect,and nothing

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Angela M. Marquardt - Oct 26, 2011

Thanks a lot Jennifer.....i submitted an email,hopefully i will get a response :)

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