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URGENT MESSAGE : (MUST READ ) Reason why people have been banned from farmville (UPDATED)

by Albar Wahab - Sep 16, 2011 Star_s16,279 views

Innocent people who didn't used the hack are starting to get their farm back ! But The one who used the hack are still banned ( AND SHOULD BE FOREVER) :) any way happy now , my poor innocent friend was banned
Note : This is the confirmed reason why people are banned from farmville , Please share and let other people know why .
Two and a Half Months Ago. A "glitch" was discovered in FV Mobile that could allow players to "take" as much FVCash as they wanted. The only limit would be the 999,999 limit that your Farm can hold. By downloading a specifically designed APP onto you iphone or ipad you would Jailbroke your phone and turn it into a FV Cash Maker...If you had no iphone then you would have to give your password to a Friend who did and they could "make" the FVCash for youAt this point the top "hackers" were already hearing rumblings of the event. Word was getting out and the secret was becoming known. Purely speculation, but this may be where Zynga also became aware.
September 12th, 2011...The "hack" was activated and soon a set of "HOW TO" instructions started circulating throughout Facebook's FV Community. Thousands of Players...posibly tens of thousands or more...Started "making" as much free FVCash as they could. At this point...Several notable hacker websites began posting warnings to anyone using the hack. Several of the most notorious game hacker sites on the internet refused to post the How To info. Unknown if they knew it was a trap...or they already knew the users were being tracked...or simply that this hack was actually stealing something worth real money and that this hack could be considered a criminal act.Within 6 to 8 hours after it's activation...The hack was patched by Zynga and players could no longer loot the FVCash.
September 13th, 2011...For once Zynga didn't waste anytime. They had patched the FVCash hack,,,Traced any and all who participated and put a "temporary" ban on their FARMS pending a full review. Also People who Just Used Iphone and didn't use the hack were banned by farmville ( people who didn't used the hack are starting to get their farm back) .
Once Farmer's started loading their Farms to spend all their free FVCash...They found they no longer had access to their Farms.
They got a message : Your access to FarmVille has been temporarily restricted.Your account was recently found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, Sections 1.9 (a) and Section 1.9 (d). We have suspended your account pending further investigation. For additional information regarding our TOS, please visit

Thank you For reading !
Credit : Dirt Farmer

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