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Is your Snag Bar preference not saved? (updated 02/10/11)

by Amy Wong - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s26,999 views

Setting your preferences is more important than ever with the new Farmville gift limit and we heard from some of the members that their preferences are never saved and they either get tons of items they didn't check or they need to recheck the preferences every time they open up the browser.

Firstly, there are several reasons we can think of why this might be happening:

  1. You use multiple browsers (for example, one at home and one at work) to snag and it's not in synch
  2. You share the same browser and snag bar with others (like family members) and the other person's preferences keeps overriding yours
  3. You changed preferences in the middle of Snagging. The snag bar scans through your feed once a minute. Clicks that are already in progress midway will continue on with the old preferences settings. This could take some time now since we wait roughly 3 seconds between each click during each cycle. Therefore, the new preferences should work "in the next cycle." Make sure you set your preferences BEFORE snagging for best results.  
  4. There is a bug in the preference that selecting a particular item results in getting a different one at the same time

1. and 2. happens because the preferences are kept on client side which means it's stored on your browser. So it remembers the settings of the last person who tweaked the preferences. In other words, the preferences are not saved per user, but saved per browser. In order to remedy this, we rolled out a "save my preference" feature silenctly a while ago. Here's how you use it:

  1. Set your preferences the way you like on toolbar preference page
  2. Click on the link "Is your preference settings not saved?  Read more" on top of the toolbar preference page, or you can click this link.
  3. Hit "save" to save your current settings, this info is then saved on our side.
  4. The next time before you snag, you MUST remember to 'load' it first so your saved preferences is applied (sorry this part might be a bit unintuitive).
  5. That's it! Just remember to "load" it everytime somebody else used the Snag Bar or you switch browser or computer.

It's really a bare boned feature right now, but we are planning to have an ability to save multiple settings like "just rare stuff" or "building materials" so all you need to do is to load that settings. Please let us know if this solved the problem for you!

As for 4. There is a bug in the preference that selecting a particular item results in getting another one at the same time" we really need your help in finding out the bug.  Please just don't say "it's snagging everything" we need it to be more specific. We actually fixed one bug Ben Sisco pointed out about the Duck Pond snagging both Watering Cans and a Shovel. We had this reward under the "Watering Cans" by mistake but now should be fixed. Thanks agan Ben for your great debugging skills! We can quickly fix these if you can report what preference item is snagging something that shouldn't. The more specific the better!

We are working very hard to improve the snag bar everyday and your cooperation is greatly appreciated! :)

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Pamela Carson - Oct 29, 2011

ok we love the snag bar it has been working great up until about a week ago it doesnt snag if the word snag is up there but if we click stop then it snags but this week it wont do eaither what is going on?

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