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How to earn woo goo at some acceptable rate?

by Bubba O'Neil - Oct 15, 2011 Star_s25,409 views

So I'm up to level 47 now in monster world and that was only possible by discovering some cheats like being able to send stuff repeatedly. I've sent myself over 2000 woogoo and probably as many other gifts to sell in the shop for cash. I've sent myself all of the required items to build everything the baby has asked for, have all 4 machines built (harvester, cactus toss, woogoo windmill & woogoo plant), and have 3 factorys built (candy, drinks, and the next one).

Basically, if I hadnt discovered the cheats I'd still be around level 22-25 and too broke to purchase either the garden plot upgrades, or the decorations required for the happiness. And if by chance I managed, I couldnt afford the required garden size upgrade to stuff all the decorations into, because the more expensive the item, the less efficient the happiness points transfer.

Yet here I am at 47 and all the quests are insane, requiring 12 of this drink & 18 of this candy so like 60+ woogoo per quest. Theres no freaking way. I might get 1 woogoo after completely harvesting my 78 plots full of unicorn or dwarves.

The woogoo windmill is an absolute joke, it takes like 40 magic lamp bushes to power it up enough to give you 3 woogoo spaced over 12 hours.

The woogoo factory is another joke, providing 1 woogoo per day. If you collect on it early, it breaks every time and you need 2 pipes and 3 gears or whatever to fix it again.

Trying legit to harvest up some items, I once counted 640 harvested plants before it produced the crooked stick. Totally not feasable. Again, if it wasnt for the cheat I discovered I'd be nowhere.

So the big question is:

How the heck are you guys generating woogoo? I dont seem to be able to comprehend a legitimate way, and I'm growing tired of cheating just to do anything. I've seen the exchange stuff, spam clicking links - but thats more annoying than my own cheat.

Some complaints in general-

The cactus toss is outrageous. 3 woogoo per throw, and the odds are worse than a vegas coin slot machine. I dont know how many times I threw "bad toss" 5 times in a row only to be immediately followed by a miss! Yet this seems the only legit in-game means to both a) earn money and b) earn happiness items that are large in value yet have a small footprint. I estimate I've spent 1200-1500 woogoo at the cactus toss and for my efforts I've gotten 100k coins once, 600 happiness mansions twice, and a metric ton of trees, shrubs and other worthless garbage. If I were earning woogoo legitimately this would be the hugest ripoff of them all. One of the times I got the mansion with 100k coins took 42 tosses i.e. 136 woogoo.

Often times I'll know it will be nearly 24hrs until i log in again so I'll give my helper 24hrs worth of food. When i do log back in, I'll have found my helper ate 4-6 plants...yet theres 6 hours of time still remaining on the food! What the heck!!! So then i'll load up another account, visit my farm and use magic to revive 5 plants. Log out, log back in to the main account and guess what? None of the plants are actually revived. I'm forced to post on my page asking for help, or re-plow them up.

So again - how do you guys amass the amount of woogoo required to do quests towards the higher levels?

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Bubba O'Neil - Nov 01, 2011

So probably my final update-

I’m level 70 now and the game has not gotten any better. At all. Sure, I got more cool looking plants unlocked now than I did 20 levels ago, but guess what? They take 46 hours to grow. Or they take 70 hours to grow.

Never in my life have I encountered such a backwards retarded game model as this – hurry up and wait. Apparently the people at wooga think gamers like to click a few things and then wait 4 days before they can do something else to progress. You guys are wrong, dead wrong.

The quests are still the same, just more of it. Now instead of feeding your friends helper 10 times, it’s 100. Now instead of harvesting 100 plants that take 30 minutes to grow – its harvesting 240 plants that take 70hrs each + 180 plants that take 48hrs each. Roberta never once rewards you with woogoo, yet her quests require 200+ woogoo. Robert still gives a whopping 1 or 2 woogoo per 30,000 coin trade just like he did for 500 coin sales.

At maximum plot count, a complete harvest yields 1-2 woogoo, 1-2 magic wands. I still get the +50 coins, whoohoo can you hear the audience roar?

Since I have maximum plots, I also have all the happiness I need – so there’s really nothing needed for coins anymore.

You still cant give your helper more than 24 hours worth of food…even though it may take 4 full days of growing stuff to harvest it. And even if your worker may get 10 hours for eating a level 70 plant, he’ll eat 20 or more if you let his food timer expire for 3 minutes.

I am still limited to sending the same old gifts that I sent at level 30, and I cant send them any more often.

I am still limited to being able to fertilize 5 plants per friend for -1 hour growing time reduction. This has not improved since level 1.

To wooga devs- some advice (since you are dorking with my account trying to figure out my cheats, changing the serverproxy dialogue, sending me friend request when your monster world account is level 1, etc)
1) Increase the number of gifts you can send friends by 1 every 20 levels. So at level 60 you can send 3 woogoo; at level 80 you can send 4, etc.
2) Rebate the 3 woogoo it costs on Cactus Strike whenever you make a bad toss, and miss. I cannot adequately express how frustrating it is to throw 6 bad tosses followed by a miss – having to spend 21 woogoo to retrieve the prize won 8 tosses ago.
3) Increase the capacity of the harvester per level, to 20 plants at level 40 and increase it another 10 plants every 10 levels thereafter. So in my case, at level 70 – I could harvest 50 plants per click.
4) Dramatically decrease the number of plants the windmill requires to generate woogoo, and increase the maximum number of woogoo production you can fill it up to. Currently set to produce a maximum of 3 woogoo spaced every 4 hours if you put in 60 level 68 plants, it should produce a heck of a lot more woogoo and for a longer period.
5) Increase the percentage of the woogoo machine yielding more than 1 woogoo per day.
6) Decrease the growing time for higher level plants. If it means reducing their sale price, so be it. The game should be playable, not waitable.
7) Increase the level & amount of rewards the baby provides based on how many quests you’ve completed for it, its happiness level and food level. A fully quested baby at maximum food & happiness should not give you 50 coins reward; it should be giving 200 woogoo.
8) Sell woogoo in the plant store, for 500 coins each.
9) Sell magic wands in the plant store, for 500 coins each.
10) Add magic wands to the gifts you can choose to send friends.
11) Eliminate the need to ‘accept’ gifts from friends, and “help out” requests from friends. Freaking duh, they are your friends…are you going to refuse a woogoo or magic lamp plant? No. All the notifications are is wasted enormous bandwidth, server storage & annoyance to the Nth degree for people with lots of friends.

Do this stuff, and the game becomes playable and enjoyable. Do this stuff, and people might not mind spending a little facebook credits here and there for a little edge or bonus. Your current model of “spend credits or burn out at level 40” is stupid & a bad business model. Heck, maybe I’ll make another legitimate attempt at your game.

So I’m pretty burned out on cheating to get 1000-2500 woogoo per day (which was needed to both obtain high happiness/small size items & magic wands to grow thousands of 70hr plants). I’m burned out even though I’m using a program to do it for me while I sleep. The game just never got any funner…the only thing to look forward to is more of the same on an even slower pace. I cant even really help out friends. It is with extreme pleasure that I can claim to have done this without giving wooga development a single red cent even though the game is designed to bleed you for hundreds and thousands of dollars to get where I am.

I’ll never make my cheats public; I’m guessing the word will spread manually from those I’ve shared the information with. I hope wooga spends hundreds of development hours trying to figure it out and fail; it would be karma.

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