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The Smurfs & Co tips, tricks and cheats

by Evan Hutchinson - Aug 13, 2011 Star_s10,100 views

If you run out of resources to build buildings, there's nothing wrong with building more Tiny Smurf Huts. They only take 1 set of Bundles of Sticks to finish, and 2 Energies to build, and even though they only add 80 Happiness to your smurf town overall, keep building more and more of them and your happiness (and your experience points) build. Keep them supplied, and your money will build rapidly too.

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Fender Martin - Nov 08, 2011

If you're really hurting for resources like buckets of nectar and heaps of gold dust, here's a simple trick:
Smash your rock or Floral shrub only once. Watch to see what items it yields. If that rare resource you need isn't there, don't grab anything that popped out. Just refresh your page and try again. Your rocks/bushes will remain there so long as you don't pick up the items. It takes a bit of patience, but repeat until you have what you need.
It beats clearing everything and not getting what you need, then having to wait forever for more rocks and such to show up in your town at least.

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