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Cityville Loading Problems

by Vicki VanHorn - Dec 15, 2010 Star_s13,866 views

Everyone who is unable to load Cityville , I encourage you to go to support and speak up !!! it has been 2 days and I have been on live chat with then and they have no idea how to fix this issue !!!! if you all do not contact support ??? nothing will be done about it. They do not know you cannot get into your game UNLESS YOU TELL THEM !!!!

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Penny Hall Owler - Nov 11, 2011

Please remember this FORUM is NOT zynga. If your cityville is not loading, or there is some other in game glitch with any of the zynga games, begging for it to be fixed on this forum is NOT going to help, unless it is a common browser issue that someone else had had problems with then they MAY be able to share tips and tricks for you to help resolve the issue on YOUR computer. but if it is an app glitch, posting here and then waiting for a resolution is not going to get it fixed. Post here to share with everyone you too are having a problem but do not forget to follow up with ZYNGA customer service or post in their game forum to make sure your issue is known to those than CAN address the actually application.

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