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Gain XP & Energy without spending any.. its FREE!

by Auzaie Rejab - Nov 11, 2011 Star_s1,195 views

Recent MW2 update give several problem to most of us. They changed missions, helping friends isn't working properly - killed boss - friend didnt receive the help...

But beside all the problem i find out now we can gain experience without spending energy. Just visit your lower level neighbors and help them kill their intruder. XP depends on rival level: i overkill lev 15 & got 6 exp + 1 energy + 19 health. overkill same lev. 47 i got +18 exp.

Enjoy free EXP + Energy too & u can visit anyone who play MW2 even they r not your FB friend :)
Check out my turf :

U also can kill & rob your neighbors too by changing the visitId to rivalId - but please do not kill me LoLzz. Do it now before 'they' decide something more stupid for us!

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Auzaie Rejab - Nov 12, 2011

scroll down - it just below your neighbors icon/picture

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