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1-Click Gifts Revamped

by Kerri Flitcroft - Nov 20, 2011 Star_s218 views

Ok, so 1-Click Gifts is revamped, that's cool. What is not cool is the fact that the "ignore all" button part of it is gone. I have farmville requests that will not go away. I click on them to accept them and one would think that would be the end of them. Not so, they are back for days and days and clogging up my page. I have hundreds of farmville requests that will not go away. I used to be able to click on the ignore all and they would go away. Not anymore. They are back to haunt me every day. And they are all the same ones, over and over and over. I even tried clicking on the "x" to get rid of them individually and they still come back by the hundreds. Please could we get the "ignore all" part of it back?????

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Michał Hapka - Nov 20, 2011

Actually It's Zynga fault. They are in the midle of redoing their gifting system. More info:

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