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Poll: What should we do with 1-Click Gifts?

by Amy Wong - Nov 15, 2011 Star_s2,206 views

Update (11/18/11 @ 11:49 AM PST): Thanks for all who voted! We found out a quick fix without creating a whole new tool to address the "zipping through all the gifts without accepting any" bug. We'll continue to think of ways to improve. Thanks again for all your support!

We've been receiving many reports that the 1-Click Gifts (Accept all/Ignore all gift request) is not working. Well guess what, it's not working for any of the developers here at Gamers Unite! either!

So why don't we fix it ASAP? Here are some of our concerns:

  • The Game Request page will most probably be obsolete.

    Many of the new games are moving away from the Game Requests page and you can only accept the requests inside the game (like The Sims Social, Mafia Wars 2, Adventure World etc)

  • Accepting gifts inside the game is getting much easier anyway

    Some games allow you to accept and send in one click compared to the old way of accepting them on the Game Request page which required at least 2 clicks to accept one gift.

  • Fixing this means building a whole new tool from scratch.

    We don't even know how we are going to do this but all we know is that it will probably take a long time to code, probably months :(

We might be able to accept all the gifts inside Zynga's in-game inbox though. Would that be useful? Since it's easy enough already now (you just close your eyes and click, click, click mechanically), it's really only a tiny bit more helpful (unless even inside the in-game inbox you need to click 100 times!)

We also heard that it's still working for some people (lucky you! lol) so we aren't really sure if we should completely retire it either. Please vote to help us decide what to do! Feel free to leave your comments if you have any other ideas too!

Replies (48)

Amy Wong - Nov 25, 2011

@Lindsay, you can just leave the window do it's work, you don't have to do anything. (unless it's the type of requests that you need to click one more time to actually get the gift)

@Dennis, Facebook has their own "ignore all" link so we removed ours. It's next to the game's name.

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