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My tips for Castleville! Free Crowns! (16)

by Andrew Blosser - Nov 21, 2011 Star_s38,328 views

When visiting neighbors you can Fish 5 times.
Fish once, revisit and repeat. The neighbor will also get you fishing in there area 5 times. Nifty.

I found out that you can repeatedly post the "Request Crystal Shard" request.

Just click on a dark area and don't have enough crystals to purchase the expansion and click post to wall. Now keep doing it and it will say you already posted to wall, but those others will post.

This works because the game laggs when posting to wall, allowing you to post multiple times!

Just keep in mind... 5 max per clicks per request and around a total of 10 wall posts can be clicked per day.

I also find it best to buy gold bars with crowns... what else is very useful to buy with crowns?

Trees only take up one "Square" of placement, so you can actually line them up quite nicely on the far side of the area so they are all out of your way. This also frees up a massive amount of area to work with.

Whenever a person requests an item, it just means your done with their quests. Giving the item will just net you some gold. Not a nice amount with how much work it takes to get the item.
I read... Yvette's Button = 500g, Rafael's Grape Juice = 1000g.

(May not work for everyone)
I just did a "Earn Free Crowns" offer and got 16 crowns and hardly even did the offer.
The offer I did was "Register on" All I did was register an e-mail, mess around with adding a bank account, just clicked some things, went back and hit Done. Got my 16 Crowns! I'm a happy man.

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Mike Corey - Nov 30, 2011

There seems to be a inter-locking requirements for quest lines for each character. At least, when a character doesn't offer any more quests, it doesn't mean they have no more quests to offer, it just means you haven't yet reached the trigger that forces them to offer you the next quest. That trigger *may* be progress in another character's quest line, a level up, an expansion unlocked, or some other requirement, I'm not really sure. Generally speaking, though, if the character stops offering you quests, do one or two of the other open quests, and they should start offering you quests again. There is never any need to feed them buttons or whatever bauble they desire, at least not until they launch this so-called 'happiness meter', if and when they do. Don't waste your time feeding them baubles!

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