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Now Live!: a solution to the love and hate of the "Auto-Like"

by Amy Wong - Nov 28, 2011 Star_s5,674 views

Update (Nov 30 2011 @ 10:31 AM PST): This feature is now live! If you had the old Auto-Like turned on, it'll be disabled. Please go to the Snag Bar Preferences to enable the new "Auto-Liking" helpful posts!

Whenever we talk about the "Auto-like" feature - a feature that "likes" the post that you successfully snagged using the Snag Bar, we always get two split opinions. Basically, some people love it while the others absolutely hate it.

Some of the reasons people love it are:

  1. It eliminates the time to go back and like all the items I snagged
  2. It tells others how many clicks are left so people don't waste time clicking on the same bonus
  3. I like to know who clicked on my post even if it was automated. It's sad to not see any reaction.

Some of the reasons people hate it are:

  1. It is annoying when I get many likes in a matter of seconds, as it clogs half of my left screen with notifications
  2. I don't feel appreciated when liking my post was done automatically
  3. It is a clear indication of who uses the Snag Bar and it gives a bad reputation to other GU! members

When we posted about whether we should change the name of the Snag Bar to something else to emphasize the point that the Snag Bar actually helps your friends, Alena suggested this:

(Auto-like) tells your friends that you're helping and encourages people to play more instead of them not seeing anything on their posts and getting frustrated thinking that no one is helping them.

Then our top poster Michał raised a concern about liking all the common posts and suggested:

Maybe admins could make it so it does not like all watering cans and seedlings?

Aha! That could make both parties happy, if we only Auto-Like helpful/rare posts! This way, you can still tell your neighbors that you helped them, and your neighbors won't be clogged with all the notifications that you got their watering cans!

So, we are going to release a new version of this "Auto-LIking" only helpful posts (we are still working on the rare item posts) and retire the old version that likes every posts. We also added a "Auto-Comment" feature ONLY IF you would like to leave a comment at the same time. You can say "helped!" or promote the Snag Bar to your friends so they can help you back easily too. We know some people aren't comfortable about telling people you use the Snag Bar, but you are doing this only on the posts that helped your friends get the items, is that really such a bad thing? :D

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback, we feel like this feature was a true collaboration among our members and hope you like it. As always, please leave your feedback and comments!

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Heather Reeder - Nov 30, 2011

i enabled mine, took out the message so i wont leave a comment and now the auto-like doesnt show up on post as im snagging. why?

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