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FarmVille Polar Train Station Gift Levels and Guide - ISSUES WITH GIFT ITEMS AFTER HARVEST!

by Vanessa Galpin - Nov 30, 2011 Star_s6,352 views

NOTE:  December 2, 2011

I have completed the Polar Train Station.  Every time I have harvest all I get is construction material...All my neighbor's seem to be getting cool gifts!  What is up with that.. ??? Cry


As per Customer Support. 


After checking our records, it seems that this is a newly developing issue in which we are just beginning to receive reports. So, we would like to thank you for reporting this information. It’s from users such as yourself that we are able to improve the game play experience by escalating these newly trending issues directly into the FarmVille studio.




Winter Wonderland’s main feature right now is the Polar train, as you add Rail Spikes, Rail Ties and Lumps Of Coal (A lot of them Cry.  It will remind you of the Cove) your train will go on next level and you will get different variations of gifts. There are 10 items that will be gifted when you harvest your train once a day.



As you add in Rail Spikes, Rail Ties and Lumps Of Coal you will progress from levels 1 through 10 and then you will unlock new gifts! These gifts will come when you harvest a ready Polar Train Station once a day.

It seems some players were getting the Arctic Rabbit and Arctic Fox in the first level but they are also getting them at the level 6 rewards.


Level 1 – 3 Of Each Part | Level 2 – 5 Of Each Part | Level 3 – 10 Of Each Part | Level 4 – 15 Of Each Part | Level 5 – 20 Of Each Part | Level 6 – 25 Of Each Part | Level 7 – 30 Of Each Part | Level 8 – 40 Of Each Part | Level 9 – 50 Of Each Part | Level 10 – 60 Of Each Part | Total – 774 Parts – 258 Of Each Part


This is the train that that doesn't end, Yes, it goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because!  Laughing

You will need Lumps of Coal, Rail Spikes, and Rail Ties in order to build your Polar Train Station.  Click on the images to send requests for these parts to your neighbors.




As you build your Train Station, you will climb up a set of 10 Levels.



So, here are the items 1 through 10 and are all gift possibilities when you harvest your Polar Train Station!


Polar Station Level 1 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 2 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 3 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 4 Gifts:


Polar Station Level 5 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 6 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 7 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 8 Gifts:

Polar Station Level 9 Gifts:

Polar Statin Level 10 Gifts:

Source:  FV Kings
ON A PERSONAL NOTE.... I have finished the train station... Harvested twice since it was built and all I am getting is tracks for a train, however my neighbors are getting the animals....  How unfair is that!!!
For more information on the current Winter Quest.  Rae Hall has updated the Quest write up! Early Admission to Winter Wonderland-The Quests *UPDATED*
If you would like a sneak peek at the Winter Wonderland Farm.  I have included some pictures of my farm in a post.  COMPLETION OF THE TRAIN STATION AND A PEEK AT THE WINTER FARM IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT

Farm 1

Farm 2

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