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Top posters of the week (Dec 2nd) Congrats for getting 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Dec 03, 2011 Star_s881 views

Happy Friday! This week was quite a busy week for Gamers Unite! as we introduced 2 new features on the Snag Bar. We first released the "Auto-like" only helpful posts. While some people liked it, many people who were used to liking all the posts were throwing stones at us, LOL so we made it into an option for now. The other new release is Snag Bar for CastleVille! We are so proud to have this released so quickly and we hope you like it! Now let's celebrate by awarding the top posters of this week!


CastleVille was still very strong this week!  (There were couple of popular posts that listed the free gifts but we didn't award them because there was already a thread before them that we awarded)

You sometimes run into a super glitch that is so powerful it gives you an adrenaline rush and Andrew Blosser's Quest Glitch - Finish Quests Free! (Works on Most Quests...) is definitely one of those posts! It's doesn't use any hack really, it's a legitimate game glitch that really works! 

Another great tip for CastleVille is Yvez Sgut's SuPeR TuToRiaL! BoosT YouR WooD, StonE in 50% and Coins in 50% ++ ENJOY ! Our admin and engineer Chao Lam calls this post "my favorite post for a long time!" Go check it out - there are tips that you'll definitely find useful! Build your town with the most yield! :D

This is not a game tip but Michelle Rae Paddleford alerted us about the CastleVille feed, One Click Bonuses not working... Thank you for the heads up and we are glad to announce that now the Snag Bar works for CastleVille so hopefully you won't have to use the 1-Click Bonus anymore! :)


The Farmville forum was very active with all the new Winter events!

Our super top poster Albar Wahab gives a sneak peek of Farmville Unreleased Discover Quest! Has great info with lots of images, and even has links for you to ask your friends to send required materials the old Facebook way so you can use the 1-Click Friends!  Check out his new post on the Santa Quest too!

Michał Hapka also shared a great guides on both Winter Wonderland Quests Guide - Chapter 1 and  Winter Wonderland Quests Guide - Chapter 2 (unreleased) These were actually posted 2 weeks ago but missed awarding last week because of his super popular post about CastleVille's Where to find Chicken Meat and Honey

If you cannot wait to do the Winter Quest, you can have early access if you pay Farmville Cash. Rae Hall tells us everything about how the quests look on Early Admission to Winter Wonderland-The Quests *UPDATED* *LINKS* which is great to compare with Michał's post above!

Another fun Winter event is described on Vanessa Galpin's FarmVille Polar Train Station Gift Levels and Guide. There is something about Winter, Snow, and Train that makes me really really excited, not sure why! :D 

Gardens of Times

And lastly but not the least, our Gardens of Time Jr. Mod Laura Baylor shared Free goodies! Thanks Laura for helping out with the Gardens of Time forum! 

Thanks for sharing all these great posts and please let us know if we missed any cool posts that should had been awarded! 

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Belmin Hodzic - Dec 03, 2011

Nice ":D

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