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Cityville - Custom Business Names

by Aidan McGillveray - Jan 04, 2011 Star_s16,504 views

What have you custom named your businesses? I have noticed that not many of my neighbours change theirs and go with the default option of "Name Business Type" (eg. Frank's Toy Store, Sandy's Wedding Store, etc.)

Share below your custom business names, it can help give each other some ideas.
Mine are:
Florest: When in Bloom
Pool Hall/Billards: Tight Rack n' Strokin Wood
Italian Restaurant: Pasta La Vista
Burger Place: Soon Fatt Burgers
Toy Store: The Great Big Toy Store
Bakery: Aidan's Bake Shop

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Kelly Childress - Dec 07, 2011

Here are some of mine:

Florist Gump
My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
Espresso Yourself (coffee shop)
Gashole (gas station)
Wish You Wash Here (laundromat)
Big Dick's Halfway Inn (hotel)
Thai One On
Aunt Chilada's (taqueria)
O'Blivion's Irish Pub
Toy Story
Lord of the Fries (burger joint)
Sportacus (sporting goods store)
Screw It All (hardware store)

Hope you like these! :)

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