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How do you add Monster World friends if you can't send friend request thru Facebook?

by Donna Coley Austin - Dec 22, 2011 Star_s1,228 views

How do you add Monster World friends without going through Facebook? The "Add Me" tab on this website says: This is a community page for people who are playing Monster World. Please do not send Facebook friend requests to members you do not know in real life. This is against Facebook's policy.

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Crue Johnson - Dec 24, 2011

I tried to add people I did not know in order to play the game , and got the same warning from Face Book and I clicked to send the request anyway and face book blocked me from ANY contact with anyone . I could not send private messages to no one and could NOT add no one for 3 days .. This to me is a bunch of crap , cause I dont have 50 people I know in REAL Life to play these games and how can I make new friends if FB wont let me //

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