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Castle Ville Level, Title & XP Table

by Xhapire Lord - Dec 04, 2011 Star_s11,819 views

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FYI level 99 require 2.153.900 XP.

Title = ????
Max Happiness= 650
Max Energy= 25
Max Generic Houses= 99
Max Castle Buildings= 20
Max Crafting Buildings= 15
Max Production Buildings= 20
Max Beasties= 6
Max Rats= 4
Max Wolves= 3
Max Thieves= 2
Max Goblins= 2
Max Walls= 225
Max Cathedral= 3
Max Dungeon= 4
Max MaidenTower= 7
Max Barracks= 5
Max Library= 6
Max WizardKeep= 4
Max OperaHouse= 3
Max Observatory= 3
Max Vault= 5
Max ThroneRoom= 4

Update 06/12/2011

Table for level 41 - 99

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Update Castle Ville XP & Level Table Level 41 - 99.

This data is based on gameSettings.xml.

When I was checks this files for level 41 to 99 I can't found data for this following Title, Farms, Cow, Chicken and Crafting Support Buildings

Title for level 41 to 99 = unknown.

Max Farms & Animals ( cow and chicken ) = unknown.

Crafting Support Buildings also same unknown result.

I'll update this if I found new data from gameSetting.xml

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Aamanda Jeanne Usey - Dec 26, 2011

Hey, this is really great, thank you!

I was going to ask you if you had a list that contains when we'll get a new quest or one that says when we'll be able to explore more (since right now, for me, it says that all the gloom areas are to powerful to explore). But then I saw that you got all the data from the gameSettings.xml, and I thought, "Oh, duh, I could just go make my own."

So far I've collected and organized all the data needed to create an image with info about all the gloom areas, but I wanted to put the info over a grid map of Castleville. The problem? I can't find a full grid map of Castleville. You don't happen to know where I could get one of those do you?

Thanks again!

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