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A Lil' Miracle - Wikiwah Healing Missions

by Tonya Collins - Dec 22, 2011 Star_s3,163 views

Wikiwah Healing I
Tend 30 Lemon Trees
Craft 5 Nutritious Tonics
Feed Ember 5 Nutritious Tonics
Rewards: 250 xp, 250 coins, horse ready boosts

Wikiwah Healing II
Collect 10 Wikiwah Blankets
Tend 35 Non ridable adult horses on your homestead or neighbor's
Fully Prepare Ember
Rewards: 350 xp, 325 coins, Ember (horse)

Wikiwah Healing III
Harvest 50 Cabbage
craft 5 Wikiwah Medicine
Finish Healing the Baby Colt
Rewards: 550 xp, 425 coins Baby Colt

Wikiwah Healing IV
Harvest 70 Cotton
Collect 20 Wikiwah Beads
Collect 25 Licking Salts
Rewards: 400 xp, picture Frame, cowgirl doll.



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Ana Alberto - Jan 01, 2012

Is anyone having problems with Part III, healing the baby colt? Mine lost the progress and the bottle on top to make more food. I reported it to Zynga 3 days ago and nothing. Now if I click on Find the colt it gives me a new one to start over so I keep putting it back.

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