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Quick ways to get Farm Cash

by Jennifer Sneyd - May 31, 2010 Star_s50,084 views

Hi - does anyone know any quick ways or tips to get Farm Cash - need some to buy Facilities. Thanks

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Brenda J. Thacker - Jan 12, 2012


BEST and easiest way is to start multiple accounts. getting to level 20 is not hard. it does take a while to get to level 35 or higher. Plant raspberries-a lot. Once you have enough on each of your side accounts you can buy-send a facility, tool, what have you to your main account. Repeat as necessary

If you don't mind a LOT of spam, do the surveys. I made hundred of FC on those in the first year I played. I STILL get spam from them. The worst is the one for car ins. but it is also the most reliable in that it does pay out what it says.

Every time you add a new neighbor you can send a request for them to work your farm, they can also send it to you. All you have to do is harvest one thing, tree, crop and work in one facility and you should get 3 FC. Not bad if you can remember to remind the new neighbor to do this and they comply you will each earn more.

Level up-a lot. I layered my fields and fertilized them so I get three times the amount and that gets doubled. I planted raspberries for an entire day. At least once a week. I averaged one level every harvest times four fields until my level got so high it didn't help to plant them any more. It just took to long to earn experience points that way. For lower level players, it's ideal.

You can use the money you made working farms to buy items for experience. I don't recommend it since you run out of money to fast that way. However if you are close to hitting a higher level, go for it.

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