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Castleville Quest Guide: George - All in the Mine (New Viking Mine Quests)

by Maria Cruz - Jan 13, 2012 Star_s5,903 views

George's Quest - All In The Mine (1-7 missions)

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After saving George, this subject is around asking for food: meat and sausages. Until ... NOW... He had a question.



We are excited too!!! Let's start.

1. All In The Mine
Collect from the Viking Mine 2 times
Have 5 All Purpose Polish to shine the new rocks (Ask friends)
Craft 1 Workbench for conducting experiences (Craft 1 workbench in the workshop)

2. Safety First
Collect 10 Pails of Water as prevention for potential fires (Fish in your pond. Neighbors ponds don't count)
Collect 5 Stone Blocks (From crafting buildings or from Quarry)
Have 15 Cotton to stuff in your ears (have 15 cotton in your inventory)

3. Run Away
Have four (4) five runes to test
Chop trees 15 times to gather firewood.
Craft one Leather Apron in the Studio to protect against burns (Craft Leather Apron => Studio)

4. Fallout
Visit 5 neighbors to Apologize for the surprise explosion.
Earn 15,000 coins to help pay for the damage...or buy new underpants!
Place 5 Nature items to cover the scorch marks.

5. Mine Crafting
Have 6 Whetstones to grind up the Fire Runes (Ask friends).
Craft 1 Boom Stick in the Workshop.
Use 1 Boom Stick to blow up a rock!

6. What a Blast
Tend Neighbors’ Chickens 25 times. That blast gave them quite a scare!
Place 5 Rocks. We're going to go through them faster now!
Sell 3 Iron Picks. Who need 'em now?

7. Mine Sweep
Place 6 Wood Fences to secure the Viking Mine.
Craft 3 Super Clobbers for banishing Beasties.
Be ready to defend the Viking Mine... you never know what might show up!

The photos were added thanks to Betsy - a very special friend from the Castleville Help Quests Group in Facebook.

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Jeanne Darcy - Jan 15, 2012

I finished that quest and won some miner helms... but can't find them in my inventory!! What are they useful for? Any hint?

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