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New Pioneer Trail snags?

by Vicki Green - Aug 13, 2011 Star_s14,223 views

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Bobbie Olshan - Jan 19, 2012

I do not like the way we have to ask for things from our general FRIENDS list....all of the friends that show up, do not play games, could care less about Pioneer Trail, and it's a waste of my time to even send them a request.
Why can't we Filter out just our friends who play PIONEER TRAIL and have the opportunity of gifting and asking them for things more than just once or twice a day. This game is getting too upsetting.
Also I have installed the Snag Bar; but I do not understand how it works and can't find an explanation of what to do. I get a whole list with pictures of "Snags"; but what happens to them? I do not see them in my inventory. Am I supposed to click on them to accept them?

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