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Snag Bar preference page got a slight makeover

by Amy Wong - Jan 25, 2012 Star_s4,807 views

As we kept adding new games to the Snag Bar, the Snag Bar Preference page became longer and longer. So we cleaned it up a bit and hopefully this will allow us to add more games easier too.

Every thing functions the same way so no change is required on your part! One thing people might have noticed is that the "Max Snag Limit" is now inside the preferences popup.

new popup

There are some people who are confused about this "max snag limit" by the way, like it says above, you can't snag more than the game collection limit by setting this to 10,000 items! This is used if you want to be more careful not to exceed your game collection limit; so for example, you can just collect a certain number of materials needed for a quest by entering a specific number in there and have the snag bar stop automatically after it's done collecting them.

As always we appreciate your feedback/suggestions/bug reports!

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Kathy Schramm Waterbury - Feb 01, 2012

I cannot save any preferences now and cannot snag anything.... i save the preferences and the check marks disappear and viola... nothing. If I'm snagging at this time, i cannot manual stop the snag button... so undo whatever it is you all did.

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