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Lunar New Year Quests Guide

by Asha Tania - Jan 26, 2012 Star_s14,269 views

A Clean Sweep Quest

• Get 4 Brooms (Click To Request)
• Harvest 2 Chicken Coops
• Harvest 50 Lilacs
Rewards:100XP, 1 Lunar Cow, 2,500 Coins

Paint The Town Red Quest

• Get 6 Paint Brushes (Click To Request)
• Harvest 1 Lunar Cow
• Harvest 75 Strawberries
Rewards: 150XP, 1 Lunar Chicken, 2,000 Coins

A New Year’s Feast Quest

• Get 8 Woks (Click To Request)
• Harvest 2 Lunar Chickens
• Harvest 100 Soybeans
Rewards: 300XP, Lunar New Year Tree, 1,000 Coins

A New Year’s Cake Quest

• Get 8 Cake Decorations (Click To Request)
• Harvest 2 Lunar New Year Cows
• Harvest 125 Wheat
Rewards: 500XP, 20 Shovels, 2,500 Coins

Share The Wealth Quest

• Get 8 Red Envelopes (Click To Request)
• Master The New Year Cow to 1 star (that's x5 harvests in total)
• Harvest 150 Rice
Rewards: 750XP, Lunar New Year Pig, 2,500 Coins

Celebrate Quest

• Get 8 Firecrackers (Click To Request)
• Master New Year Chicken to 1 star (that's x5 harvests in total)
• Harvest 150 Flowers
Rewards: 1,000XP, 1 Turbo, 5,000 Coins

Loud Noises Quest

• Get 9 Snug Sweaters (Click To Request)
• Harvest Lunar New Year Pig
• Harvest 150 Rhubarb
Rewards: 1,250XP, 1 New Year Sheep, 5,500 Coins

Light Snow Quest

• Get 10 Large Flashlights (Click To Request)
• Harvest Lunar New Year Sheep
• Harvest 150 Morning Glory
Rewards: 1,500XP, 1 Mystery Dart, 7,500 Coins

Apples To Horses Quest

• Get 12 Large Water Bottles (Click To Request)
• Master Lunar Sheep to 1 Star (that's x5 harvests in total)
• Harvest 200 Carrots
Rewards: 2,000XP, New Year Horse, 10,000 Coins

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Siobhan Rhodes - Feb 06, 2012

If you are having a difficult time getting missions on FV finished, please add me. I am having that same problem myself, and I would love people to be my neighbor that have the same issue and need help themselves. So many people don't participate in them. So feel free, I need all the help I can get!

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