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Missing Things? Click HERE for Info =)

by ClawMachine Croagunk - Jul 01, 2010 Star_s16,863 views

Are you missing items in Farmville?
July 1st-2nd 2010 Last Update: July 2nd 11:48 A.M. ETS
You are not the only one! There are wide spread reports of missing items, building materials, animals, farmcash, etc. I first started seeing them late yesterday evening but I have heard of issues that extend before that.
The Zynga official Boards were swamped with complaints today at midnight. It is not only you! Don't feel bad that you haven't heard back from their support team, they're getting hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of the same message. Almost everyone is effected. The majority of the items effected are those associated with storage buildings (animals in Stables, Nurseries, Dary Barns, Chicken Coops as well as Materials being used to build barns/nurseries/stables) but there are other cases that involve random "free range" animals disappearing.
The only thing we can do is sit back and wait. Hopefully Zynga will make this right soon! This is the #1 issue on their plate right now as far as I've heard. No need to post more and more threads on GU!
Please post what you're missing here so we can keep track of what exactly is effected.
Edit: I posted this to help reassure those that are scared that they aren't the only ones.I saw many users scrambling around on the boards looking for help and no one answering them because there were so many new posts about this issue. I tried answering a few and then figured that we needed a thread to discuss the issue.
Good News, thanks to Leah Spencer Farmville's Item Restoration Policy has come to light. Read the policy here:
Edit: While the policy does mentions restoring items/cash/coin lost to in-game glitches it only refers to it as "coins and cash bought directly from Zynga" not the hard-earned coins and cash most of us have. In fact it doesn't even mentioned items bought by hard-earned coins. This could mean that Zynga does not have to honor their policy with the majority of our claims.
Thank You Amanda Christian for pointing this out. 
My best advise is still sit back, relax, and wait for Zynga to fix their mess. There isn't much else we can do.
*Update:* Official Zynga Announcement & Apology (Taken from their customer support site):
Gamers Unite! user Rick Kilgore was also able to get an answer from customer support. The customer support replay was almost exaclty the same as the article linked above.
*Update*: Zynga suggests not adding anymore building materials to your barns/stables/nurseries (Edit: Zynga has stated that it is now safe to add building materials). Read the thread here:
*Update*: It has been mentioned on other threads that some users have reported missing items from their giftboxes. Because of this, it might be a good idea to keep your building materials in your gift requests and not accept them until Zynga gives us the "All Good". If any other users have experience disappearing gift box items, please comment below. Do not panic, it has not been proven that disappearing giftbox items is a widespread issue.
 *Update* 9:25: Puppies/Dogs appear to also have been effected by the missing items glitch.  
*Update* 9:45 "We have made progress fixing issues with missing critters and pieces/parts. Still some work to be done, but we expect things to improve shortly." Appears in the game.
Looks like this is almost over!
*Update* 12:19 AM: Ben Wheeler has tracked down a more detailed verision of Zynga's item restoration policy. Read it here:
It seems they do not have to honor any sort of policy with the majority of our claims (those that do not involve items missing that were bought with coins/cash PURCHASED directly from Zynga do not fall under their policy umbrella) and use the excuse that Farmville is still "beta" to validate this stance.
Only time will tell if Zynga is truely this mean-spirited let us just keep our fingers crossed.
I'll try and keep this updated if I hear more news! 
*Update* July 2nd 11:48AM There are still reports of missing items & iteams disappearing. Zynga has not released any new updates regarding their progress.
*Update* July 2nd 12:15 PM Zynga announces that you should not remove or add animals to your storage buildings (barns, stables, coops). Edit: Zynga has stated that it is now safe to add/remove animals again.
*Update* 3:15 PM July 2nd: Users are reporting out of sync errors that result in loss of progress/coins when breedings or visiting neighbor's farms. Reports of disappearing items are still coming in.
*Update 4:15 PM July 2nd*: According to the official Farmville Forums, the issues have been solved and it is now safe to play the game and resotration options are being looked into.
."Now that these issues have been resolved, we are currently investigating
restoration options. We ask that you please be patient with us while we
work towards finding a solution for our users."
*Update 9:45 PM July 2nd* We have started the process of restoring missing animals. This will run over the next 24 hours
To clear up some misunderstanding (IMPORTANT Disclaimer. PLEASE read)
Replying to this thread will not get your items back. I asked that people reply so that we (As in members of the Gamers Unite! community not Zynga) could see which areas of Farmville were effected.  
I am not affiliated with Zynga, nor do I claim to be.
I just felt it was important to see which areas of Farmville were effected by disappearing items so we know which ones aren't and if specific problems experienced by users of these forums (members of Gamers Unite!) are related to this current issue (disappearing items) or to something completely different.
Basically, I wanted a place for people fearful and panicing to be able to go and see that they are not alone and that others are experiencing the same problems.

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Amira El Diasty - Jul 01, 2010

I'm missing Japanese Barn Items and just lost 15 cows :((((((((((((

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