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Hidden Chronicles Free Energy (Updated 18/2/12 )

by Albar Wahab - Jan 14, 2012 Star_s30,907 views

Hidden Chronicles

Each Link Gives 3 Energy

This Is The Surprise Package Which Gives +6 Energy And It Barely Works For A Few People. I Prefer Not Clicking It



Since their Are Recent Changes Made With These , You Will Not Be Able To Claim All Of These . Leave A Comment Saying Which Number You Got

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Jeanie Vasichek - Feb 09, 2012

1 and 6 worked for extra energy for me...surprise package awarded nothing. Does anyone know what to do with the piece of paper that whisks in? I saw one that repeatedly would fly in from the right screen to the middle of the Manhatten Alley, but wouldn't allow me to click it to do anything with it? I kept wanting to STOMP on it. LOL

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