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SuPeR TuToRiaL! BoosT YouR WooD, StonE in 50% and Coins in 50% ++ ENJOY !

by Samuel Mário Costa - Nov 26, 2011 Star_s26,197 views

Hello guys, first of all, thanks for reading this, in my days in castleville i developed some tricks to make me grow up faster and faster, and this made me get almost 1k of castle points in just 2 days, so i decided to share with you guys, my simple of the tricks, if you enjoy, and the post get good shares, likes, and thanks, i'll post the better tricks i have, and in the third topic if the first and the second wins good rates, i'll post how to win 78 crowns FREE, i did, and my friends did too, i'm not lying, serious !

Here we go, enjoy! And dont forget to like, share, and comment.

Boosting 50% in woods:

The wood production away from trees: 6hours each time u get:

Wood production right with woods: 3h each time ( 50% ). U need just 6 trees in the side to make 50%.

=> Stone bonus: 50% too

Stone production without bonus: 6h each time:


Now, stone production with bonus ( 6 rocks ) 50%:

=> Now the best: Bonus coins, MORE THAN 50% !

First: Croops.
Croops is the from far, the best way to get coins in the game, this is what i saw, and this is a trick to get lots and lots of coins with croops: Getting -50% in the growing time, how ?

Imma show you the differences before:

/\ without any bonus.

Lets go.

Croops grows faster with water in the side, so MUCH WATER = MUCH FASTER. There is two ways to place waters:
U can place 1 per pixel:

And u can place one per 1/2 pixel, here is the secret, you get 2x water, with the same space:

Look the diferences:

15% faster, with 2 water in 1 pixel:

And now, 10% faster, with 2 water, in 2 pixels:

If u place all waters with 1 pixel / water, u can place more water then, its easier than changing all again:

Remember, the maximum u can get, its 50% faster:

And then u place this: WATER/CROOPS/WATER/CROOPS/WATER/CROOPS, and then u'll have great sucess with croops, look at my croops: ( Isnt complete yet, i'm going to place more water in the top, and in the bottom, i just didnt have space some minutes ago, before i get another expansion.

Yes, yes, from now you learnd how to get 50% more coins from croops, right? But... ! Wait a minute, i said i was going to teach you how to get 50% ++ coins, didnt i ? So, lets go to another item:
Fishing items are more valuable than helping friends with constructions, or boosting actions ( and u can get rare items, like sand, and boots ~ this gives you reputation when u share it, and the owner of the river gives you gifts ), so, what about if u could fish, how many times u want, in a row, until u have friends energy? It could be great, didnt ? But it is great !

( PS: Fishing much times, will give you one thing needed to make LOTS AND LOTS of energy, like i'll teach in my second tricks topic, coming up)

First u visit a friend " 1 ", and fish.

Then u go to a friend " 2 " ( or go to yourself kingdom )

And fish ( if u go to friend 2 )

Then u back to friend " 1 " or go to friend " 3 " or go to yourself kingdon.

And fish again, in the friend " 1 " ( The river will be available again )

( The last ss was a fail, i missed the time to take the shot )

And then u can back to friend " 2 " again, and then " 1 ", " 2 ", until u fish 5 times in each

To make it easier, take 5 or 6 friends, in a row, fish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, then back to 1,2,3,4,5,6... until u get 30 fishs, 30hearts, some sand packs, and another items, then u can sell it, and get some good coins.

And the last tip, little, but good one, is feeding your animais 10% faster with the water recipe, putting it in the area of the animals. ( i'm almost sure we can feed them faster than 10%, but i didnt unlock those items yet, if i figure out, i'll tell u guys how to, in my second topic of tricks, coming up )

Maybe some of you guys already knew some of those tricks, but i think much people didnt yet, and its great, great tips to get rich, buy constructions, and expansions.

Guys, i hope you all enjoy it, i spent some hours doing it, i hope it could be helpfull, i want to sorry about my bad, bad english, a lots of things will be wrong, but i think it will be enought to you, smart people understand. :P

And i hope you understand, i had to hide some personal information, to protect my friends ( i cant post their photos w/o permition ) and myself.

Did u enjoy the tutorial? Want to thank? Comment it, share, like, do everything u can ^.^, u'll spend just some seconds to share, and help me, and help yourself, and help your anothers players friends.

Just like i said ( so many times O.ô ) i'm creating a new tutorial of tricks ( those better ), for coming in some days, but i want to see shares, and likes, and everything in this post, so i will know you guys are enjoying my help. To 2nd tricks tutorial i already have in mind: How to make LOTS and LOTS of energy ( 60+ everyday without counting with friends awards, and time energy, ), how to easy attract monsters to get exp, energy, skins, crystals ( 40% to get ), other stuffs, how to get 99 wood, 99 stone in less than 2 hours, and i have more things, but it scape from my mind, i'm almost sleeping, its 8 am, and i didnt sleep yet :x

Here is an SS of my inventory right now, and the items i know how to make it FULL ( 99 ) easy, easy, and i'll be teaching in the next coming tricks posts.

I'm just not full of woods, fishes, and etc right now, cause i was with inventory full, then i made a lot of itens to sell, and the crystals i was with 50 fragments, and 40 complete before taking the last 2 expansion and creating more. The rock and the wood plank u can make how many u want, i just made what i needed to build the building, cause my 3 workshops works 24/7, with more important itens, like crystals, and high price selling itens. The fish and the water u already know how to get, just fishing infinite times in your friends.

Want to add me to play with me? I'll be my pleasure, of course ! here you can find my profile:

Well guys, this is it, questions, u can make it all, and i'll be looking the post hour by hour for 18 hours at the day ( time i am online ) I hope you enjoy.



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'Shahmi Razin - Feb 15, 2012

Optimum Irrigation for player below Level 22 (no water pump used)[email protected]/6830657551/

Each and every crop have 50% faster growth rate.
1 - Make sure the river is a "solid" river (no spaces between rivers).
2 - Notice the small gap between first and last crop on every row, as it is crucial to get max growth rate.

Needless to say, best way is actually to irrigate using water pump, as it will take much less space, but you will need a lot of Reputation Points, and at least level 22 (unless you use crowns)

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