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List of foals that grow up in their own self in the Nursery

by Anna Kozkoz - Feb 20, 2012 Star_s2,034 views

I have noticed that recently there are some foals and a calf that grow into the horses that have produced them in the nursery:

- quarter foal

- cocoa foal

- smitten foal (grows into a stallion)

- batwing foal

- nightmare calf

Please, if you find more, extend the list

Although today and yesterday I noticed that not all of my nursery harvests resulted in an adult animal (of any type), some just didnt return any message. Maybe a bug because of new playpens...

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Anna Kozkoz - Feb 20, 2012

One warning: DO NOT put JUDGE CALF into nursery, although it will go. I did, and it broke, I cant open it... Although it still harvests horses...

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