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Doubledown Casino is not a secured site to play games. They control your games most of the time.

by Maureen M. Yearwood-Cattouse - Oct 16, 2011 Star_s2,605 views

WARNING!!!!!!Doubledown Casino Interrupts players games! Whenever you see your curser being controlled by Doubledown Casino, It's time to shut down, reboot, or leave game or tournaments. I have received several warnings from Firefox telling me that,' Doubledown is not a secure site to play games and that they are controlling games'. It's such a shame that people cannot play a simple, free game without them cheating!!!!!!

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Marsha Hird McKeegan - Mar 05, 2012

Yes I wrote to them about this and told them everytime I hit a bonus round my cursor changes and they said they would turn it into their developing team!!

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