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[GUIDE] What to do when Farmville or other Zynga game acts funny, glitches, crashes or just gives you trouble

by Michał Hapka - Aug 04, 2011 Star_s11,218 views

We all experienced some troubles with Farmville and there was many posts asking for advice lately. So I decided to try put this guide together to help all troubled souls ;)
When Zynga games starts to act funny first thing you do is reloading it. Several times even to make sure the problem persists. You can do it by hitting F5 or using refresh button usually situated near the address bar of your browser. (You can also close the window and open it again).
The next step you want to do when something goes wrong and reloading doesn't help is clearing your cache (or your browser's cache ^^). I could try to give the detailed instruction here but there is to many browsers for me to attempt doing that. But there is excellent guide Here so I will just provide you a link ;). You can also try ctrl + F5 but to be on the safe side follow the steps of clearing it properly ;)
After clearing cache you should restart both browser and the computer. The later may be not necessary but it will never hurt. Now when you reached this point you check if the problem is still there. I know that some are really stubborn ones so let's check what else we can do.
We can try clearing flash cache. To do so follow THIS LINK and clear delete all. (See the picture)

Now once again we restart browser and to be on the safe side the computer. If the bugger still is there we need to take more drastic measures.
First one of them is reinstalling Flash. Here is a guide to uninstall it then restart and install it again ;). You can see how to Here

Second one is reinstalling Java. For instructions how to check here and here with the reboot of your computer in between ;)

When we did all that and there is still a problem there is one last step we can do on our own. Reloading the game to facebook (all data is saved on servers so you will lose no progress in game). To do so follow this steps:
1. Access your acount privacy setting

2. Click on "Edit your settings

3. Edit the apps you use

4. Click on the X next to trublesome app

5. Confirm the choice.

6. Go to the app once again after restarting browser and click allow when asked.

Hopefully after all this steps you will be able to play without any problems. However, we all know not all isues are as easly solved so If this was all without success you may ask why I even bothered to do so. I could have contacted Zynga in the first place (as now you have no other choice as to do so as nor me nor anyone on this site can assist you futher as we aren't affilated with Zynga in anyway). Let me answer this for you. First thing the agent will ask you is to clear your cache, second one will be clearing flash cache. Then the agent will ask you to reinstall flash/java/game or depending on the person will say he can't do anything and you have to wait. If you are contacting them by mail then It will take several mails ergo several days to go through all the steps. So in fact you saved yours and agent time by following this guide.

How to conntact the Zynga:
For farmville you can use this conntact form:
Also you can search this forum for alternative ways of conntacting CS.
If you are a Mac user than I'm sorry but have on idea how to do this steps on your computer ^^" I believe that reloading it to facebook and clearing flash cathe is similar for the other steps pleae use google. There is bound to be plentiful of great guides to aid you.

Also as Maureen Grayson pointed out the problem can be the lack of virtual memory. The obvious solution is to buy more ram. However this is rather expensive for some and should be used as last resort. Virtual Memory is basically simulated RAM (which means it's slower) but there are ways to increase the performance of your computer by increasing the paging file of Virtual Memory. You can learn how here: How to increase virtual memory also you can find this article on how to speed up computer interesting. Of course disregard the advice to update windows as this is pure advertisment.  Also in the department of speeding up your computer clearing the registry may be the right answer. All depends how messy it is. Here is one of many guides how to do this. I did not tested the programs described there personally but as always there is google to assist you in your search.

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Libbi Elliot - Mar 11, 2012

I have problems too, while these games my computer shuts down, turns off.. the games are slow to load and all this is a recent development. I am seriously considering not playing anymore, I just get furious, I contacted zynga they give you not help at all. I would never invest with Zynga, their games are faulty and your given no help at all. This is bad business sense. First rule of business..keep the customer happy..thanks for the advice I will try it..At this stage I have nothing to lose

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